be joyous!

I sometimes prefer to publish the invitations from Learning Strategies and THE SHIFT NETWORK . They are all free of charge and the teachers want to help people.. And that is exactly what I want to do.
My aim is really to help you overcome your state of mind when it’s full of negativity, of anxiety and of panic-attacks.
Most of the speakers, if they don’t directly address these states, they all want you to stay better and to grow spiritually.
That’s exactly my aim. You know that I have written books that help you overcome your anxiety and panic attacks. That help you get rid of overeating or of eating the wrong stuff.
We are all on the earth to help each other. Everybody has got a gift that he/she can share with others to help them live better.
Better living can have many meanings. One, however, is the highest sense: share, give and receive love. This means that we all can live in peace and transmit that peace to all around us.
This is pure love we spread that helps our ennvironment to be livable, lovable for all. It’s so much needed.
Only in this way can we transform the other person’s mind, those who shoot and kill so often and for no reason. Religion is not a reason for killing. It is a reasson for loving, for being kind, for supporting each other.
And there is no space for annoyance. Life is too beautiful. It offers us so many opportunities to learn, to study, to enjoy, to love that annoyance has no place.

What love also means is that we should think of our environment to prevent the depletion of our resources. These resources are already reduced by the behavior of people who don’t care. Wha not care for the best of our Planet? It’s everbody’s home and once it’s gone, we are all gone as well. Only that we don’t know where we will be and what we can then do. Think of this with every single action you take. Every action should be in accordance with the needs of our planet..
Don’t you think so? This accorodance has so many implications. I cannot mention all of them. And they change for every single person. because of where they live, of how much they want to do. Everybody can do something. Even the smallest action can be positive and contribute to the wellbeing of mankind or of nature alltogether.

I am certain that you all will do your best to maintain and better the health of our planet. This means to help yourself to live a better life and to help others do the same.

I wish you a pleasant week, full of opportunities to do the good and let go of the  bad.



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