Are You Trembling with Anxiety?

Does this happen when you are waking up? Do you fear the new day? Are you afraid of not being worth living? Try to embrace the new day. It is a gift of nature. Although you are trembling with anxiety and are afraid of the new day, you can try to see its positive sides. You are alive. This is the first thing you can be grateful for. The fact that you are FEELING something indicates that your whole being is alive. Even a negative emotion can be helpful.

The quality of the new day depends largely upon yourself. If you complain about the new day before it even started, it might not be the best one. If you embrace it, the day will start out much better.

Trembling can have various causes.Trembling with aniety is not what should happen in the early morning. Unless you are waking up from a horrible dream, then it could be understood. Another cause: you just got shocked by the alarm clock that started ringing while you were still deep asleep. Maybe that your nervous system was not at its best. In any case, trembling as such, if there is not a physical reason for it, is not as bad as it looks, even if you are trembling with anxiety.

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