Anxiety and Unwillingness

Is there really a relation between these two feelings? Apparently yes. At least, that is what some readers have been telling me.One case in particular struck me. A young housewife who, whenever she enters the kitchen in order to prepare a meal,not only suffers an anxiety attack but also a strong feeling of unwillingness.She feels as if she is not able to prepare a meal for her family, especially when she is under the strong anxiety. How can she be helped? My advice to her  is to use EFT. As she is so much hindered in her daily life when suffering these feelings of unwillingness together with anxiety, she is willing to give it a try. She starts using EFT by telling herself that although she suffers from these feelings, she loves and accepts herself deeply and completely. She is now aware that her anxiety and unwillingness both stem from the same experience. Now she can treat this experience and go to the very root of her un-ease.

A part from EFT, which  I do not describe in my ebook, Anxiety Goodbye,  there are many other good advice in it. Go now and download it. For as little as $ 19 you can learn how to overcome your anxiety and related problems.

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