Ancient Wisdom Powering Modern Women


After centuries of disconnection, the rising of the Divine Feminine is well underway, calling to us with increasing urgency and passion to the earth, our bodies and our own feminine spirit.

Do you feel this call from deep within the core of your being?

Perhaps you feel it as a longing for a deeper sense of soul purpose and meaning in your life. Perhaps you recognize there’s a collective healing needed.

One powerful way we can all participate is by reconnecting with ancient feminine lineages like Avalon and Egypt to empower our modern life. By listening to ancient feminine wisdom, we can blaze a new trail for ourselves and our world.


Devaa Haley Mitchell and Elayne Doughty are two of the most respected pioneers in this work, teaching thousands worldwide how to access feminine initiatory processes lost during millennia of suppression.  Today, they’ve been synthesizing the wisdom of literally hundreds of women teachers and leaders, to be able to now support you in weaving a new path forward.


And on October 2nd, these inspiring women will embark on a soul-retrieving journey for women who hear the call – just like you – on a free, three-part teleseries: Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Woman.  Registration is FREE for this potent initiation and includes the following sessions:

  • · Call 1 – Ancient Wisdom as Soul Nourishment
  • · Call 2 – Soul Retrieval of the Feminine
  • · Call 3 – Living as a Modern Day Priestess

Join the series to discover what the ancient Feminine Mystery Schools have to teach you as a modern woman and learn to integrate their sacred practices to embody your feminine power and fullness.
It’s time we heed the call to reclaim our power, embody our feminine essence like never before and give the gift of this sacred feminine to our modern world.


Register for free here:


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