86400 – eightysix thousand four hundred

Do you know this number? It’s what we all have at our disposal every single day. What do we do with it? If we are aware of its value, we should use it accordingly. It is very precious. It is exactly the time we have at our disposal every day, day in and day out. But once i’ts gone, it will never come back. The number is the amount of seconds we have at our disposal every single day. If you use them wisely, you will be happy, if you “throw” them away with useless activities, with chatter, with dreaming on facebook, twitter or any other social media, with playing games on your tablet you may blame yourself for the waste.
I think we all have habits that we could just let go, stupid litle things that we repeat every day and that do no good to ourselves or to anybody around us. Whereas, if we use the time for positive thoughts not only we but the whole universe will benefit from it. So the choice is up to you. I do hope that you’ll give it a thought or two.

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