New Year’s Resolutions

Did you go over your books? I mean did you think of how you had accomplished and fulfilled your last year’s resolutions, the decisions you had taken?
Did you really fulfil them? Or did you find out that they had just remained words?
Whatever your results, please take a moment and make a commitment. I would like you to take some decision on how you are going to treat yourself.
On how you are going to treat our planet.
Yes, I said planet. You can do a lot to preserve it. It is the year in which you should be very careful about it. What do you think you can do to help our planet?
Don’t throw away a lot of garbage. Try to make the separation of the garbage. Paper on one side, plastic on another, glass on a third side, metals on a forth side. You may even find more items to separate. Maybe that in your community you will find containers for the various kinds of waste.
Something else: Be careful with how you buy your food stuff. When you buy, for example, bananas,
you can take them home just as they are. Whatever can be carried without paperbags or other envelopments, is a contribution to a better place.
Don’t buy plastic cups and dishes. They cannot be re-used and are therefore anti-ecological.
When you can walk as the distance is szhort, please do it. Walking is good for your health and preserves the air. Every person who leave their car at home, contribute to a better quality of the air.
Use public transportation where available.
Don’t buy magazines you do’t really need or read. .So many trees are cut that could be preserved..
A part from the contribution to our planet’s health, you also save money. Very often, one does not think of this, but if you add all the waste in your daily life, you will see that, if you are more conscious in your habits, you may save a bunch of money. For yourself but also for the community.
If you take into consideration these few resolutions that are so helpful, you will agree that they do not cost you anything. They will make you feel better about yourself. This turns out to be of help for your anxiety. Feeling better about oneself, is a big contribution to mental health. You see, you can improve your life by living more consciously. Isn’t this wonderful?
You can make a list of what you are going to change in your daily life and what will contribute to the betterment of our planet’s health. It is a questiono f responsibility.
We are all invited to do our part. Thanks for your help.

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