Greetings from Lake Superior

Actually, I just came back from Lake Superior, northern Minnesota/USA. It was so wonderful there and I have learned a lot I will be talking about in the next few weeks. Infact, my stay was dedicated to the retreat with Master Chunyi Lin of SpringForestQiGong. Lake Superior has a particular energy that you can feel if you just stay on its shore. You can feel that it is good for you. It calms your system and it puts joy in your heart. The lake itself is a calm water. I have practically never seen it coming up with big waves. You can watch the various  kinds of water birds either when they are bathing or when they are flying over the lake. The original inhabitants of the area called the Lake their Grandmother and the Rocks that you find everywhere, especially also on the shore, were called their Grandfather.

They had another friend, the bear. The bears were called the Healers. These healers  are still around.You cannot see them unless you dare walking through the woods at night time.

This is not advisable. Although it is unlikely that they would attack you, you never know. A bear is, in any case, a heavy and huge, strong animal. Just bear in mind that they are healers that are working in the woods, also for your good without any need of your encountering them. The idea that animals are there to protect and help you is just beautiful, don’t you think so? Nature wants you to stay healthy. Think of it wherever you walk in your daily life.



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