Get More of What You Want Instead of What You Don’t Want

Do you really know what you want? There are certainly many things in your life that are good and that are helpful. You might say that there are many things that are so true that they were impossible to change.
Are you sure? They may seem very true now. But the second part of your thought is not true: nothing is impossible. Life is a continuous change. In every instant something is changing. Many of these changes happen without we even knowing it. They might happen on a cellular level, or on a planetary level. Both changes could all the same influence us.

In short, nothing is impossible. Even if it looks like impossible to you. Try to list all good things in your life. All things that you want to keep as they are.
Then list all of the things you would rather like to disappear. Just list these things. Be sure to understand whether they contain something good or whether you do not like them at all.
And Know: what you focus on grows. So, if you have found the things you do not like, don’t focus your mind on them. Focus your mind on what you really want to keep and what serves you.
What is helpful to you ,can only grow if you accept it with love and focus on it with loving thoughts.
What you don’t like should not dwell in your thoughts. If it does, it will stay and grow. The law of attraction is always present and it is good to know it and to keep this in mind,.
You see, it is actually easy to get what you want and to release what you don’t want. It is just a matter of thinking.
Many people think that fall and winter would always bring a cold or a cough. And they get the cold because they attract it. You know that if you want to stay healthy you have to think healthy thoughts.
You don’t think of a cold or of a cough or of other “seasonal” diseases. These diseases became seasonal, because most people think of them as being part of the season.
Fall and winter do not have to be seasons of disease. You know what is good to eat, what is good to keep your body warm, what to do to keep your thoughts healthy. You will live a beautiful fall and winter season and grow healthier and healthier every day. You will also feel gratitude for this well-being. Keep up your gratitude for whatever comes along in life.
Whatever you experience is here to help you grow, to become who you really are.

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