WeACT- Do You Know What This Stands For?

I am going to explain it to you. You may not have heard of this project yet. But it is important

for everybody.

Two young Swiss women have both studied our environment and concluded their Master

 with a project.

This project has then been awarded a prize. It was so outstanding among all projects presented

by other students that the WWF, together  with a  large distributor in Switzerland, have decided to

 work with the two prize-winners. They even gave the two women a place where to work with their

“new-born business”. They can work there for one year without having to worry about rent….

They call their project weACT.

Who are “we”? Everybody. They invite everybody to observe their little every day actions.

What are these little actions? Brushing  teeth, showering, washing clothes,  watching television,

use of electricity, just to name a few.

They want people to have fun when changing their daily habits. Now weACT  launch contests and

everybody can participate, earn points and spend these points. The newest contest is on right now.

You can enroll on their website: http://www.weact.ch

Observe just what you do when you do your  little things. Do you have the water running for a long

time while brushing your teeth?  Are you aware of the quantity of water while taking a shower,

while washing your clothes,while brushing your teeth? You know, you can do all these little actions

 with a small quantity of water. By doing so, you contribute to the preservation of this precious good. You  can also save energy. If you keep your devices in standbye,the energy is depleted. If you switch them off instead, you can save energy. Saving of energy is an absolute must.

This can help our governments to renounce the nuclear  energy. We all remember the problems caused by nuclear plants in Japan last year. In order to live without this kind of energy, we have to save energy wherever we can.

This is the message the two young women want to launch to the world. They are addressing everybody but the project started in the first place at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, short ETHZ,  because they said they wanted to educate young people.

If you want to participate in a contest launched by Majka and Prisca, go to http://www.weact.ch  and see what you can do and what you can win .

Again it is http://www.weact.ch and the contest was just launched

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