Ten Points on the Human Body That Can Help Your Defense

Our body can help itself in many ways. We do not need to get sick. Not everybody will agree on this statement. However, whether you agree or not, it is true.
In fact, our body presents 12 meridians that run through it and that fuel the various internal organs. On these meridians we find many points that represent a help for defending the body against illnesses. These points stimulate our immune system.
They are located in various areas of our body.
Let us start with the face: you can find two points just above the eyes and strictly below the inner end of the eyebrows.
These points are just above the bridge of the nose and help improve your overall health. They are a melting point of all meridians and therefore very important By helping all organs, they also improve your immune system. These are twin points, they always need to be activated together.
Then there are two points just beneath the eyes, in the center of the bones, one on each side. These are also twin points. Please activate both.
The points just above the bridge of the nose and these latter points can be tapped or massaged for periods of 5 seconds each. You can regulate the intensity by yourself. Let the points relax for 3 seconds before you start another 5 second period.
It depends on how you respond. If you feel pain, use less strength.
Your ears have several points and you massage all of them. You massage your ears from the top all way down to the lower end. Do this on both sides at the same time. You should massage the ears nine times. You can repeat this massage as many times as you like, in the course of the day.
Your hands also present a very helpful point. It is in the center of your palms. You massage this point for about 5 seconds at a time, release it and do it for another five seconds. You can do this for a total of 30 seconds. Obviously you can repeat this cycle as many times as you like in the course of the day. This point will especially strengthen your heart and blood circulation that are both important to help your body get a good defense.
Let us go down to your chest. There are two points just above your breasts,
one point on each side. Massage these points for 20 seconds. They probably will hurt. They always do. Everybody says so. Just massage them slightly.
Massage them at the same moment; this is another twin point
A part from improving your immune response, these points are also important for women. They protect you against breast problems.
There is another important point between the two breasts. This point is also sensitive. Massage it for 20 seconds at a time. This point is exactly at the level of the upper end of the breasts. It stimulates your immune system.
Let us go to the thighs. here you will find a special point. This is directly related to the spleen. It not only improves the response of your immune system but it is also indicated in case of anemia, when you have got too little blood or poor blood. You can find this special point on both thighs. They are not twin points, you can activate them separately.
Your feet can help you improve your defense thanks to the point called Bubbling Spring. This is found in the middle of the foot. You may massage it for 10 seconds, that is counting to 10. Then you release it and after a short interruption you can massage it again. Activate them separately, first on the left foot, afterwards on the right foot.
The last point is actually a long one. It is not only a spot, but it is the arch of your foot. Massage it from the big toe down to the end of the bone. Do it for 10 seconds. As you see, there are 10 points as I had promised. Some of them are twin points, that is they go directly together and you stimulate them at the same time. This is the case for the points located on your face and those located above your breast. It also applies to your ears. All the others are individual points.
All the above points can be massaged for the time indicated above. Then you let go of the point for a few seconds and massage it again for the time indicated. You can repeat this for up to 5 minutes at a time. You can do these massages several times during the day. Massaging these points gives you the help you need to defend your body. You see, there are really ten points in your body that stimulate your defense. Some of them are twin points, others are individual points, as already explained.
The Bubbling Spring point can also help you, should you already have a flu. It helps you to shorten the time of recovery, not only from a flu but also from a cold. As you can see, your body is well equipped and ready to help you whenever you need it.
Start doing it now. There is no better time. Winter is coming and with it often also colds and flu, but you can beat them before they even show up.

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