Still Trying to Relax?

I hope you are. As you know, relaxation is essential. There is a very easy way to relax: it’s breathing Of course we all breathe but we do it the wrong way. Especially when we are tense or anxious , are having an anxiety or a panic attack, then we breathe too rapidly and therefore the breath is shallow.Stale air remains in our lungs and this is no good at all. If you start doing the following exercise, you will feel more relaxed, healthier and smarter.

The ancient wisdom tells us that breathing slowly and deeply can heal all sorts of ailments and it helps us to completely relax. In Yoga and in QiGong, that is in India and in China, the advice is to breathe only about 10 times per minute. Most people breathe about 15 or more times per minute.

To breathe slowly, inhale and fill your lungs completely, hold the breath for a few seconds and then exhale. Do not exaggerate and start with doing this exercise for about 3 minutes and then increase the duration to 15 minutes per day, but do it gradually, every day a bit longer. then once you have reached the 15 minutes you can do the exercise various times per day. It already changes your whole life when you do it once per day. You will feel the change in more calmness, in better overall health, in better thinking and in the capability of relaxing completely. It’s really so powerful.

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