Spring is in the Air

Can you feel that Spring is in the air? Maybe it’s still cold where you live but somehow Spring is making itself present. Enjoy these first signs of Spring. They announce brighter light and brighter days. Spring brings in most cases, a good mood and more energy. There are also people for whom Spring is not equal to energy. Those people are suffering, maybe they stored dark thoughts and feelings and cannot get rid of the darkness that was created in their head. The best way to overcome these dark thoughts and feelings is to welcome Spring, even if you don’t feel like it. Welcome it with a song, even if you pretend that you are not able to sing. There are pretty children songs in all languages and you certainly may remember those in your language. Or otherwise, you just sing (or hum) the vowels of your language. These are bringers of energy that help you cleanse the dark corners of your inner world. By cleansing and wiping out the dark, the sun has a chance to enter. Let it come in and enjoy its warm and bright rays. I am sure that it brings you the warmth we all need.

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