Special Invitation to Embrace the Authentic Power

This September 11th, the 12th anniversary of a  heartbreaking day forever embedded in our consciousness, The Shift Network is hosting Gary Zukav on a free, global, tele-seminar event that gives each of us the opportunity to turn ourselves towards the source of authentic power that goes beyond all tragedy, challenge and heartache.


Gary Zukav is one of the world’s bestselling spiritual authors.  In fact, he’s appeared on Oprah’s NBC program more than any other author or teacher.  On this special, 1-hour Shift Network event, Zukav will share from his deep wisdom how to unleash the wellspring of “authentic power” that lives within all of us.  He will also reveal how this wellspring of Love allows us to move beyond suffering, addiction, and polarization into a state of real grace and unconditional love.


This new re-emerging power – authentic power – is reshaping our world. It’s an emerging global consciousness of compassion and wisdom, and it calls you to act from love rather than fear. You’ll be making a commitment to discover and align with your own authentic power when you say yes to attend this call either live at 5:30 Pacific or via scheduled replay on Saturday, September 14th: https://shiftnetwork.infusionsoft.com/go/ayap/Elisabetta/
In this free event, you will garner insights directly from Zukav for how to:


  • Expand emotional awareness
  • Create conscious intention
  • Make empowered choices
  • Access the wisdom of your intuition
  • Cultivate spiritual partnerships

Let’s make a collective commitment to gather together for this event as an opportunity to connect with a source of authentic power internally that leads to a world of peace, love, and joy.


Click here for more details and free registration: https://shiftnetwork.infusionsoft.com/go/ayap/Elisabetta/


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