Simple Exercises for an Improved Mental State

There are many simple exercises that help us to stay better mentally, physically and spiritually. Many of them are so simple that they are usually overlooked. Who would ever have thought that our fingers present all our meridians, that is all of the energy channels that run in our body?
By simply massaging your fingers, you can change your mental state, your physical health and your spiritual well being.
The fabulous truth about this is that you can do this massage wherever you are. Nobody will get aware of it. It is a natural movement.
Let us look at the various fingers and their importance. To tell you the truth, they are all important. It depends on what you are looking for, you will treat the finger that gives you the result you want to reach.
The first finger is your thumb. You can rub its tip on both sides and you will breathe with more ease. This is very important at the moment of an anxiety attack. This small movement gives you an immediate relief. Better breathing helps you also to get a better mental state.
The little finger helps you in case of low blood pressure and the sensation of passing out. You can press the edge of the nail at the inner side of the little finger. Press hard. It hurts a bit but the result is immediate. Once you get aware that your heart has regained its normal beating, which is immediate, you feel good. This feeling good also contributes to a better mental state. It helps you to relax immediately.
The middle finger is also a good help. If you rub it on both sides, you can improve your blood pressure. By massaging it from top towards the hand you lower your blood pressure, by massaging it from the hand upwards to the end of the finger, you increase your blood pressure. Do this movement for at least 8 minutes a day. You massage alternately the little finger and the middle finger, starting with your left hand.
If you have a diabetes or you know that your pancreas creates you some problem, massage your ring finger and your index finger. Do it accordingly to what I just said about the blood pressure. If you want to increase the pancreas’s work, you massage the fingers from the hands upwards to the top and vice-versa if you want it to work less.
The above examples are also valid for emergencies whereas you can use every finger to improve your overall health.
A part from the fingers, where there are other exercises you can use, (I might talk about them on another occasion) try to massage your ears from top to the bottom. By doing so, you will help all your organs to function well. In fact, on the outer ear, every single organ is present and can be stimulated.
It is really fantastic that Mother Nature has put at our disposal so many simple movements that can help us keep healthy and happy.
You may want to work on your fingers and on your ears as many times as you like. All of these exercises help you improve your mental state and give you many benefits for your body.

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