S.M.I.L.E. = Easy ways for Anxiety

We will now add some more to our last lesson about easy ways for anxiety. About our breathing and more. Now that you have learned how to breathe deeply, slowly and gently inhaling through your nose and exhaling through your mouth, you can switch to breathing in through the nose and breathing out through the nose. That is actually what you usually should be doing. Now you will be doing it slowly and gently. This will add to the quality of your life and help you minimize your anxiety.
Now we go one step further.
Do you know what the above letters stand for? This is an acronyme Master Chunyi Lin of SpringForest QiGong teaches his students.
” S” stands for ” start”, “M” stands for ” my , “I” stands for ” internal”, “L” stands for ” love, ,” E” stands for “engine” If you put these words together, you get a phrase that reads ” Start my internal love engine”. This simply means “smile”! While you inhale and exhale, put a smile on your face.
That is, put a smile on your face that stands there always.
Whatever you do, smile. This smile expresses your state of mind. If your state of mind is gentleness, lovingness, you will be feeling better and better.
What you feel, will get impressed on your cells. On every cell of your whole body. And you know what? This love engine you start by doing so, gives more life to your whole being. To every cell in your body and to your mind.
It makes yourself content and this state of mind irradiates to your surroundings. Everybody can see that you are happy. Your happiness will spread. Instead of feeling anxious, you will be feeling happy. How is that?
Can you see the difference? Feeling happy does not allow you to feel anxious. Smile and all muscles of your body will relax. The relaxation is almost immediate.
You can feel it right away. And your neighbors will feel it as well. You see, by smiling you not only help your muscles to relax, you don’t only help your overall health to be better and to cut back your anxiety, but you also contribute to a better energy around you. How does this feel? Start your internal love engine and start it immediately. You will be thankful you did.
You will win over your anxiety. And that is exactly what will help you live a better life.

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