Peace of Mind – Peace for the World

Who suffers from anxiety would certainly be very happy to have peace of mind.
Does peace of mind help you get anxiety free? You bet it does! If your mind is completely at peace, there is no space for anxiety.
How can you reach this goal that seems to be so far away and is called  peace of mind? It usually takes little steps that bring peace of mind. In most cases it can be reached by training ourselves to watch for good things in life and to discard others that would only disturb your peace.

How can you discard negative facts from your life? Even if they are happening around you? You can watch these events as somebody who is outside, who is simply not touched by negativity. When you are outside of negativity, you live your life in a better way. you stand outside of what could affect your peace of mind just by observing the events and by knowing that they are not meant for you. It is not a question of ignoring these things, it is a question of not letting them touch you. One thing that you can do is  let the tip of  your index finger touch the tip of your thumb so that these two fingers form almost a circle. This simple move cuts any negativity out of your system. This latter remains untouched by outside energies. You can do this in any situation that might otherwise bother you. You will find yourself more energized and calmer. Peace of mind does not mean to not listen to your friend’s problems. First of all, these problems are not yours. So listen to them but do not get involved. They do not touch you if you do not allow them to do it. Even your problems can be watched from the outside, as if they were not yours. After all, problems arer simply challenges and are there to be solved. Life changes completely if you look at problems in this way, not as something that sucks, but something that is a challenges and is waiting for a solution. You will find the solution if your mind is at peace. And you will rejoy in life. Your energy affects the world and if your vibrations are those of joy and peace, the universe will return these vibrations and qualities to you.  May joy and peace be with you. Always, if  you allow it.

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