Natural Cures for Anxiety

You know, anxiety can be cured in many ways. We would prefer the natural ones. I know that the synthetic ones act more quickly in general. However, there are many natural cures that act as quickly as you want them to.
You will say that anxiety comes up so quickly that you cannot make it disappear in a moment. This statement is only halfway true. I will be showing you how you can face anxiety the natural way. There are many different methods and you can choose the one that corresponds best to you.
As this is a large and vast field, I will be sharing these methods over the coming weeks. Some take into consideration your nutrition, others your breathing , others your overall life, others the more spiritual aspect. You see, there are many topics we can talk about and they will all conduct us to the same result._ Live without anxiety. I guess you all want this.
Anxiety seems to be part of our lives.. As long as it shows up in critical situations, where there is a real thing to be faced, it is ok. This is then more a fear that shows up as a panic attack and not anxiety as such. I must admit that these terms are often used in an inappropriate way. You can look up a dictionary for psychology and you will find an infinity of terms. Not even at a professional level anxiety equals anxiety.
What we are talking about is the emotion that turns up in an unexpected way , that threatens the person who is experiencing it. In most cases, it does not last for hours on end although this is possible. Anxiety as such does not harm you and you will not die, although you think you will drop dead while it lasts. Only in the long run it might have physical effects but we are here to avoid this. This is why I am going to propose to you natural cures.
The first thing I suggest is that you concentrate your attention on your fingers. You may know that each and every finger can help you to calm down.
Press the top of each finger or massage it. The effect is almost immediate.
Start preferably on the left hand. And do it by pressing the top of your pinky finger, then continue to the ring finger, the middle finger, the index finger and the thumb, then go to your right hand and do the same on the fingers of your right hand. By the end of one cycle, you are getting calmer. Repeat the cycle three times. You can do this little massage also when you do not have an anxiety attack. It is always healthy and helpful. It has an effect on all your inner organs and on the nervous system.
This is the first simple natural cure. I will talk about another simple method next time.

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