Meditation and Anxiety

You certainly have already heard or read that meditation can calm down and free you from your anxiety. In fact, meditation is a means to calm down anxiety and even to get rid of it. If a person meditates regularly, the feeling of stress and anxiety lessens and can completely disappear. However this is a lengthy process, at least if you want to get completely healed.

There are certain meditations which help quicker because they help us to visualize a zone of protection. One of these meditations invites you to create a circle around you. Within this circle there is nobody except you. It is your territory. Nobody is allowed to enter it. The circle can be vast or it can be small. It must allow you to move around within it. This circle, of course, is not physical. It is just a visualization, but for your it is still real.

Another way to make you feel safe is to cover yourself, still in your imagination, with golden light. This golden light is God’s Love and it protects you against all kinds of negativity. God’s Love is the most powerful protection one can have.It’s free, you just have to wrap yourself up in this light and everything is fine.You can do this imagination in every moment, even if you do not feel anxiety.It’s like a shield that protects you in every moment of your life. Once you get used to having this shield, your anxiety has no longer its place it used to have.

There are other color meditations which I will address next time.Try out these little yet powerful steps. You will be surprised at its effects on you and on the surroundings.

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