How do you feel? – Be grateful!

If you listen to the news or watch television, you might get fearful. Every day there are disasters, earthquakes, floods, hurricanes and very often they happen in the same areas. I know, you will say that we can’t do anything about it.
This is true up to a certain point.
We well can do a lot. First, we can help economically, we can volunteer and help on the spot, at least those people who live in the neighborhood of the disaster areas.
But who lives far away can do much on a higher level. Our help can be just to send loving thoughts to all the victims, to all the survivors who suffered the shock, to all the helping people.
We can send love and light to the areas themselves and to everybody involved.

Not long ago hurricane Irma was on its way to Cuba, to Countries in the Caribbean Sea and  finally to Florida and Carolina. There were many groujps around the world who sent love and light to weaken the and destroying power of Irma.
I attended one meditation group  just before Irma would hit Florida. You may have seen that the strength of Irma diminished from its hioghest level  to two classes lower and I am convinced that this happpened thanks to the meditations and prayers sent from thousands and thousands of people from around
the world.

There was destruction of many places, but certainly there would have been more destruction if nobody had meditated or simply sent light and love to the pertaining areas.

If we are so strong as to interfere with a hurricane, you can imagine what we can do for ourselves and for less hit areas. And we should meditate and pray for our planet, the only place we can live on.
It is in our interest to keep our planet a safe place. A place where we can help Mother Earth to recover from the damage we did to her. It doesn’t require much from you. Donate every day a few minutes to Mother Earth, to Nature, to our Planet. And do it with positive words, with love and also a prayer for forgiveness.
We all have damaged our Planet. We didn’t listen to her whispers, to her crying, to her asking for help. Now we are finally listening. It is not too late. We still cna do many things. Please do them.
Every single being can contribute to her betterment. If we do it on a daily basis with loving thoughts, she will recover. I am certain. My heart is telling me that we can do it.
Please listen to your heart and follow it. It will tell you what you can do. Apart from prayers and meditation, you can take actions that help the home of all of us: don’t litter, don’t throw your chewing gum on thefloor. Eat local food that doesn’t need long ways of transportation. Use hybrid cars or use public means. Or walk whenever you don’t have to cover a long distance. This is good for the planet but also for yourself.
We have to come back to a simpler life where we talk to each other, where we feel the emotions of each other, where we can help each other. That’s the way life is meant to be.

God didn’t give us a home to destroy it. He wanted us to be happy, to have fun, to live in harmony with the surroundings, to have peace among people.
We are far from all that but we can re-align  ourselves with what was meant to be good for us. I am certain that you will do your part to make this happen.
Thank you.

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