Greetings from Lake Superior

You may have been to this enormous Lake. You may even like it but have you ever felt its energy?

I just came back from a retreat we did on  the shore of this Lake. Obviously we stayed in a Resort. where we were lodged and fed. (fantastic food!). The reason why this retreat takes place every year just in that spot, is the energy one can feel and enjoy at the shore. There must be a reason for this. In fact, the original inhabitants of the area called the lake with love, it was  their Grandmother and the rocks around the lake and in the hinterland were called the Grandfather. There is another factor that contributed to that important meaning of the area.  The BEARS. You can no longer see them, unless you go for walks through the woods and you do so during the night. Then you might encounter them, but it is not advisable. You are not familiar with their needs and moves. The local inhabitants had the knowledge and they called the
bears the HEALERS

I can believe this. In fact, the energy is like a balm. It calms your systems, you feel at home, you would like to remain on the shore or in the surroundings  forever.

We were told that the energy we could feel also contained this healing potential of the bears. So soothing and calming it is!

Another reason why we felt so well, was what we did there.

We learned more of what we had been doing for years already about SpringForestQiGong.
This is a fantastic method that helps you to balance your whole body  and mind and , to erase energy blocks in your body and even deeper in, like in your subconscious mind.

Even if you cannot go to Lake Superior to do so, you can learn this method by going to classes all over the globe, to people who practice and teach SpringForestQiGong. You can learn it by home study courses or you can do it with me. I offer webinar classes, individual sessions on the phone or
sessions in my office.

What you really can do is  improve your way of looking at life. You can rediscover your joy of life, gratitude and love. These ingredients are so useful for a better living that everybody should try to achieve them. You will see that by just doing small exercises you will feel better
every single day. You will love your life, be happy all day long and enjoy
staying with other people who, by doing so, help also the country and, in a
wider sense, the world to change the way of looking at what we have got and what we can gain.

Whatever you choose  to do, you can only win. Win
a better health, overcome your anxiety, regain your freedom from addictions, you name it. This method teaches you how to love life, how to love yourself, how to love others. This is a message we can share with the world and help it to become a better place for everybody

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