Are You Ready For a New Treat?

Do you remember the Ultimate YouFest and the SpringForestQiGong Fest? I am certain  that you liked them. I am also happy that there are organizations willing to help people face  difficult times in their life. Our friends at Learning Strategies just informed me that there will be another Fest. It will be about success and meditation. In fact, meditation can help you to achieve success because it relaxes your system and success comes easier to relaxed people

Some of the most important success leaders and motivational speakers  will be sharing their meditation techniques. And, as usual, they will do it free of charge. I do not yet have more information but as soon as I do, I will share it with you. Stay tuned. I guess that within the next two weeks I can tell you more. For now I would like to invite you to listen to the meditation that you can find on this blog. Meditation is a fantastic means to relax and to receive new energy for your everyday life. By mastering your everyday life, you can reduce anxiety and stress, those two conditions that eat up your joy and energy. Don’t let them do this. You will need your energy more and more as this year will bring other challenges to the whole world. Yesterday we had our National Fest and our President has been speaking exactly about these challenges and that we need to feed and maintain our strength and calmness. This is not necessary only for the  country I live in (Switzerland), but for the population of every country on planet earth. I hope you do your part and nurture  your strength and calmness with the help of meditation.


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