Anxiety and Your Spine

What do you think these two have in common? Probably a lot. I am going to explain it here. It is another natural cure for anxiety.

Your spine or each and every vertebrae contains your life story. Better, each vertebrae contains the story of certain years of your life. And to our surprise, they also contain the traumas of other family members. In fact, it quite often happens, that anxiety is transmitted from one family member to another and the sufferer themselves do not know why unless they find out about how to solve this problem.
How can you solve it? By working on the vertebraes.
It was an Italian psychiatrist and neurologist who found out that certain areas of the body  are testimonies of traumas and anxiety. His theory was then developed into a treatment by dr. Vincenzo di Spazio who found out that  the vertebraes contain your story. And that there is a way to solve these problems for the sufferer without them to suffer too much.  He developed the method in its entirety  and dr. Vincenzo Di Spazio  who is  active  as a physician  in Northern Italy, has been  treating  many people and continues to treat whoever desires to overcome their trauma. How does he solve the problems?
Actually, his tools are very easy to use. He uses a white cold light he points to the vertebrae containing the secret. The light remains on the spot for approximately 10-12 minutes. The area around the vertebrae shows the sufferance in the form of changing colors. At the beginning and if the trauma is very heavy, the color is dark black.
How does the sufferer get aware that his trauma and anxiety are dissolving? Emotions turn up. Sometimes there are also physical manifestations like nausea, headaches, itching or pains in various or in single parts of the body. The emotions may be sadness, fear, anxiety. But, and this is the fantastic news: these emotions and manifestations do not last long. They vanish with the ending of the treatment or shortly after. Usually the treatment has to be repeated, especially if the trauma or anxiety are very deep rooted. After each treatment, the treated person may get tired and should then rest for half an hour or so, according to how they are feeling. Slowly and with every treatment it shows more, the dark color turns into a light one. Once the color can no longer be distinguished from the color of the skin, the trauma and anxiety have completely gone. And they have gone for good. They will not come back.
The treatment can even be carried out over the phone. The sufferer does not have to be physically in touch with the therapist. It is true that the therapist cannot see how quickly the color turns to normal but he/she will get aware of the betterment when listening to the sufferer’s voice. If they can work with a telecam through skype, the sufferer might feel more at ease. That really depends on them.
I do treat people and have seen fantastic results, even after deep rooted traumas and anxieties. Just let me know if you think you would benefit from a treatment.

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