A Mindful Flower Meditation

This can be done with anything you like. The most important aspect of this meditation is the focus on a determined concept or thing. May it be a flower which you look at and then, in your thoughts, you “see” every single aspect of that flower.You will be smelling its perfume, counting its petals, seeing its stem. Then try to penetrate that flower and make it part of yourself.

You know that we are all part of the universe. You are a part of the universe as I am and as the flower is. We are all connected. Feel the flower as if it belonged to yourself.

See its colors,see every single leaf on its stem or if there are no such leaves, see the petals of the flower itself.

You will get aware that there are thousands of other thoughts which are popping up. Be gentle with them.Just let them pass by and return to your flower.

Do this meditation for at least 10 minutes.It calms your system and also your thouights will calm down and your mind will admire the flower together with your whole being.

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