Anxiety and Sensation of Empty Head

Many people who suffer from anxiety report that, before an anxiety attack starts, they feel as if they are going to faint. In most cases this does not happen. They then recover rapidly. There are, however, people who tell us that their head seems to be completely empty because they do not know what they have to do, what their task is and they feel helpless. There is obviously a physical reaction to their anxiety attack. While their heart is rapidly pumping blood to other parts of the body, the head seems to suffer from less blood coming its way.

In order to make the blood circulate better, there are various small exercises that can immediately bring help. Pressing the inner edge of the nail of the little finger on either hand. When pressing do not fear the pain. This exercise is painful, but very effective. The  strong pressure on this spot also helps in case of low blood pressure.Another small exercise is the massage of the area around the nail of the litte finger. This exercise is less powerful. It does not hurt, but it takes more time to get a reaction. The sufferer can do these exercises by him/herself. And already the fact that there is help available makes them feel better.

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