What do We Need to Know About Fall?

What do We Need to Know About Fall?
Fall has just started. In fact, the Fall equinox has taken place on Friday September 23 at 11 am. What does this mean to all of us? Fall is a wonderful season, it’s the season of harvesting. Nature is giving us vegetables, fruits, grains, seeds, potatoes. Many of these produce ripen in Fall and are therefore harvested.
Many of these goodies will be preserved for Winter. However, if you have the opportunity to eat them while they are fresh, do so. They will give you a wealth of nutrients, of vitamins and of microelements.
If your nutrition is well balanced, your immune system is reinforced and can easily face the colder weather.
What you have to be careful about, are your lungs. They have to do a harder job in the forthcoming months that might be cold. The energy channels of the lungs belong to Fall. Help them to do their work properly. You can do so by keeping your body warm, by putting bowls of water in your home. You can put them in every room. It is important to keep the air slightly humid especially in your bedroom. Dry air irritates your lungs. Irritated lungs conduct to coughs or to even more severe diseases. You can absolutely avoid them if you observe these simple rules. One of these rules is also to avoid cold drinks. Cold or ice-drinks cool the temperature of your body down and this is no good during Fall and Winter. To tell you the truth, it is never good, but in the warmer seasons the impact is not so dangerous.
If your food contains grains and seeds, like sunflower and pumpkin seeds, you contribute to the good health of your body.
Eat the fruits of this wonderful season. You will find fresh apples, pears, grapes. And don’t forget to eat nuts. They all get ripe in Fall and they all contain excellent proteins, excellent fats and a wealth of very healthy nutrients.
You will enjoy Fall if you observe these simple rules. Fall is the season of warm colors, of falling leaves, of shorter days and longer nights. It is a good habit to walk in this explosion of colors because they not only look beautiful but they give us a feeling of coziness.

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