Light and Healthy Snacks

Now that Spring has arrived, your Snacks should really be healthy and not contain a lot of industrial sugar or wheat. Your body needs light meals and light snacks.

Nowadays people get aware of the importance of healthy foods from the very start.

If young people get used to eating properly, they will like fruits, veggies, yogurt, cream cheese, rye bread and other healthy foods.

Snacks should also be good to look at. You can cut the fruits into small pieces. Then you can put them on a stick like a kabob. You can put a piece of fruit and then a small slice of rye bread and again a piece of fruit until the stick is complete.

This snack gives you vitamins and some carbs. It does not contain fats and no sugar except for the fruit sugar. This can actually be combined with any fruit as long as they are fresh and do not have any syrup that might drop.

Another healthy snack that contains proteins,  are pieces of cooked turkey that you also put on a stick. You can alternate them with small slices of cucumber or another veggie that you  like. This snack does not contain sugar at all, very little fat but some fibers and proteins.

A third healthy snack may be prepared with pieces of veggies and a dip. The kid in yourself or in your family will like to dip veggies or also  fruits. The dip could be just a plain yogurt. This snack gives you  some vitamins,  a little fat and proteins. Do not use fat-free products. They usually contain some additives that are not healthy at all.

The fourth snack could be rye crackers that are put in a dip of cream cheese. This cheese should not contain salt or only very little.  Cream cheeses with low salt content are available everywhere. If you  love this cheese, you will be thrilled by the idea of eating some crackers together with this cheese.

The fifth snack can be made with pieces of fruit that you alternate with pieces of veggies, all of them put on a stick like a kabob.

This is a very low calorie snack but, as it will be colored and looks nice, everybody will like it.

We all also eat with our  eyes. When a snack looks funny and is colored, you  will like it better.

Your fantasy can help you make your family  enjoy their small meals. Snacks should never be a big meal.

Other recipes for snacks are contained in my ebook Anxiety,Goodbye! that you can download from

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