Improving your Mood with Food

It’s certainly no news that food has an important role in your mood. By eating the right things you can definitely enhance your mood and if you prefer junk food, you will see that your mood drops down.

The first most important thing is a good breakfast. This gives you the basis for the day. Eat a good cereal without any sugar added, add a yogurt or some milk. A freshly pressed juice gives you vitamins and natural sugar. Have some nuts and, if you like, eat one egg. If you eat eggs every day it is not so healthy and your mood might suffer. Drink plenty of water, but please, forget about adding ice. Ice is no good for your stomach. Drink something warm like milk, (that has a calming effect and gives you energy). Alternately, you may drink herbal tea or even a cup of coffee. Best is a coffee made of barley. this cereal also contains various ingredients that do not irritate your nervous system and, on the contrary, enhance your mood.

Eat a fruit in mid-morning. This gives you energy. It could also be  a handful of nuts. These bring energy but help you also get a good mood or help you  to  keep it.

At lunch every option is open  as long as it does not contain too fatty or salty foods. Avoid eating chips. You may eat french fries once in a while. They are less fatty and less salty than chips which are nothing else than empty calories  Add a salad to your lunch.

In the afternoon you might like to have a bar of chocolate or a cookie,.Don’t eat many cookies. You may also drink a natural fruit juice. Canned juices contain too much refined sugar. And avoid drinking caffeinated drinks. Somehow, here  you get a re-education of your eating habits but it’s all for your good!

In the evening, a light meal will do. Heavy food stuff  is  no good for your digestive system and might interfere with your sleep. If possible, do not eat before going to bed and do not drink alcoholics. They are no good for your mood. Apparently they do, but it is not true.

It is always best to eat natural food. The choice of what to eat on a daily basis can make a difference in your mood and your well being. You certainly will opt for the best to stay well and away from anxiety.

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