Healthy Meal = Healthy You

Are you aware how much food impacts your wellbeing and your anxieties? Most people don’t make any relation between food and their mental state. As mind and body are strongly connected, there is such a relation. Just watch your meals and their ingredients. Watch how you feel after having eaten or drunk what you usually take in. Do this exercise for about 2-3 weeks and then you can decide what is good for you and what is not. Try to no longer eat or drink what you suppose is hurting your wellbeing and bringing you anxiety and bad feelings. There are a lot of other nutrients in the world which will not harm you but make you feel good.

The most “dangerous” food stuff that upsets your system and therefore also your mind, are wheat products. You can easily substitute them with products made of rye, of rice, of soy and even, if it’s bread, with bread made of potatoes. These foods are inexpensive and cannot be found exclusively in health food stores. Nowadays, you can find them in many supermarkets. Diary may also have a part in your anxiety. Try to substitute products made of animal milk with those made of soy milk. They give you all the proteins you need without causing allergic reactions or anxiety. Tomorrow I will give you more hints on what to include in your diet and what to renounce.

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