Did You Listen In? Food for Anxiety


Did you hear what food for anxiety is best? I have no idea how many people attended my interview on www.blogtalkradio.com/thewellnesscoaches.

I just wanted to tell you that  now there is a recording you can listen to.

It gives you a little insight into my ebook GoodFood for a Good Mood.  Food for Anxiety is really an important topic because we can influence our anxiety and stress either in a good way or in a bad one. To learn more about Food for Anxiety, I recommend you download my ebook. Obviously, it gives you many more pieces of information and advice on what is good for you  and what is bad or does not enhance your health. Even if you decide to make only  little changes to your diet, you will improve your overall wellbeing and your exposure to anxiety. It doesn’t cost you more than what you are eating now and it doesn’t require more work either. It’s just a simple decision that can change everything for you.  Use your fantasy and prepare something that is also nice to look at. We eat with our mouth and stomach, but the eye wants its part and I think it is very important that you prepare and eat appealing  meals.

One more thing: eat slowly. Your stomach likes it better. And the digestion is easier. Not only that: slowly eaten meals can better  be used  by your system. Each nutrient can be absorbed by the body. If you eat hastely, your meals have not the same impact and  may pass through without the body being able to catch what it needs.

Everybody wants to feel good and calm. A little bit of discipline  and you are on your way to feeling better, good or at your best.

You see, these are easy ways to cure your anxiety. Furthermore they are completely natural.



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