Vibes -The Energy of Our Voice

I must say this idea I read about the other day, that is the vibes of the vowels, quite intrigued me. I was quite aware of the energy of the words but had never properly thought about the vowels. Except for one thing: I use the vowels of our alphabet like a mantra. I sing them under the shower or while I am warming me up in the cozy robe I use to dry my body after the shower. You can sing them with every melody that comes to your mind, better if it’s a children’s melody, one of those little chants you used to sing while you were a small kid. You will feel the warmth of those vowels that transmit a strong energy.
What I am trying to tell you here is that we are all connected thanks to our vibes. And this is also the way we can understand each other even if we live in different countries, have completely different cultures or languages. The vicbes are part of the universal network that keeps our universe together.
This is why we should be very careful in our way of speaking. Vibes can bring joy but they can also hurt or cut. That is why you use them wisely. Your words should be chosen in a way that they never hurt but always bring joy or help or nurture the person you speak to.

You may speak to a person with another language but he or she will understand you whether you are angry or happy whether you are aggressive or soft. They may not understand the words but they understand the vibes. The same is valid for you.
This is a good means to learn how to understand. Listen to somebody who speaks a different language. You will feel the vibes, the sound and understand the meaning of what they want to communicate.
This is a capacity you can develop and which will bring you a lot of joy.

Why can we understand each other on this level? We are all interconnected. In fact, according to several researches, the whole Universe is built as a network and each and every being, be it human or not, belongs to this enormous network, is connected to everything and everybody. Isn’t this wonderful? We thought we were alone, abandoned. But we are not!

I think once we fully understand our interconnection, we can also understand why we live in different surrounding conditions, why we behave in certain ways and why it is important to be kind with everybody and everything. If we are not kind, we offend Mother Nature, we offend the Universe all together, we offend ourselves. Think of it this way. Your thoughts will become your teachers. It is a fantastic new way of living and of learning, I guarantee you. And it is worth in all ways.

Vibes – keep them clear, keep them warm in their expression and you will feel warm in your heart, you will feel happy and understood by everybody. By doing this, we help build a new world, a world where people don’t shoot each other but help each other in case of difficulties or problems. I count on you. We are warriors for a better world!

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