Are You the Sole Responsible?

One often thinks that anxiety is just a destiny that cannot be changed. You have to take it and that’s it. This is not true. First of all, you can change many things in your life, if you want to. Then there are other factors outside of you that contribute to your anxiety and you are not even aware of them. Unless, yes, unless, somebody tells you that there are energies in the earth that might disturb you, causing anxiety.

FengShui, the Ancient Chinese Science can help you to figure out where these disturbing factors are and how you can eliminate them. By eliminating these sources, your life can change completely. Sometimes there are disturbing elements in your home, for example, your bed stands in the wrong direction, or you look into a mirror directly from your bed or your bed faces a window. These are just simple examples that can give you an idea about the many things that influence your health and well being and certainly your anxiety. I will tell you more about these interesting influences in my next post. For now, all the best.

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