Be Good To Our Earth

after having assisted to some of the meditations guided by Chunyi Lin during March, you now have the opportunity to join him again during this month. You will be able to send healing energy to the planet by joining Master Chunyi Lin.
“This is a free service. You can access it here:

When you do the meditation, you will see a 3D image of the Earth. You will find a pin in the hometown of everyone who is doing the meditation with you at the same time.

There might only be four people online when you do it. There might be 400 people. You can spin the Earth and see where everyone is all over the place. It helps you see that you are not alone. A lot of people care about the world, and they are all willing to open their heart and help.

Every month another acclaimed teacher or master leads the meditation. Chunyi is this month’s host, and I think you will enjoy the meditation.”

This is a letter that has arrived from LearningStrategies. They are offering this service for free because they believe as I do that if we all join our energy, something good will happen to our world.

The healing energy is really needed and our world will thank us for doing it.

All the best to all of you
If you can’t click the above link, please copy and paste it into your browser.

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