This is almost kafkianesque!

I don’t know whether you have ever had a story with a not working smartphone or iphone. I hope for you that you haven’t. That’s why I am going to tell you here my story.
For about 10 years I was a happy user of a simple iphone. Yes, they used to be much simpler than what they are nowadays. At a certain point, and after the ten years’ use, the phone suddenly didn’t work any longer. Apparently, there didn’t exist spare parts or even batteries in order to continue using it. I had to buy a new one. The salesman told me that I was happy to get a special price and a special edition, called SE. Hopefully you haven’t bought this version!

I started to use it and everything seemed to go smoothly. This lasted for a very short time, however. The iphone suddenly was blocked and I couldn’t do anything. No phone calls, no texting, no emails none of all the other possible actions. I went back to see that salesman. He was perplexed and couldn’t understand it.
He said that the only thing was sending it to the repair place but we first had to save all my data i.e. phone numbers, addresses and all the other data I had deposited into that iphone. I therefore went to an icenter where they only work with Apple and their products. They said that now my data was safely stored in the icloud and that we could then put it in the iphone again once this had been repaired. They kindly gave me an iphone I could use, at least to make phone calls while my own iphone was in the clinic.
Then, after a few weeks, my own iphone came back. I was so happy. Now I could have all my data put into it and work from wherever I was. That is, what I thought I would do. You know what came next? My data could not be found. The person who had “saved it” had not saved it. The data was lost, forever. And I thought they were specialists and would do everything to help their clients. Nope. As the password I had given to them, was no longer recognized by the system, they told me that I had to wait for 17 days before getting a new password. Seventeen long days. No data available. No possibility to get in touch with my clients or even friends. And no way to get my phone working before the time lag of 17 days. As I was planning my home-moving, I really needed a lot of phone numbers that had been stored in my iphone but now they had completely disappeared. After the 17 days were over, Apple gave me a password which should have given me the possibility to use the available options on the iphone, but this didn’t happen. Who knows why. Nobody could understand it. The vendor thought it was best to change the iphone, still a SE version. I would have preferred a higher one but I guess they had to sell out the earlier version SE. He told me his wife had been using this version for more than a year with no problems at all. But the problems with my new iphone were just around the corner. It didn’t even recognize my Apple-ID. Without this identification, you can’t do anything. This time the verdict was: you have to wait 12 days to get a new password after my Apple-ID had finally been recognized. I was at the point to throw this iphone away. What use makes it to have an iphone that doesn’t work?
They finally said that they had recognized my ID and my password but guess what: I can’t introduce any numbers, any contacts. Yes, I can make phone calls but I can’t text. Its alarm-clock works now. But nothing else.
What would you do if all that would happen to you? I really wonder. You need a lot of patience to bear with all that friendly but not helpful people.
For me the iphone is no longer desirable.
I guess I am going to buy an old Nokia, then at least I know what I can do.
Good advice from you is really desired. Maybe you work for Apple or know somebody who does and is more helpful and cares about their name and reputation.
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