Anxiety and Dizziness

It seems that dizziness is a major problem with anxiety sufferers. It is certainly one of the signs, like a pounding heart or butter-knees, and if you suffer from it, don’t worry if there are no other signs.Dizziness can easily be overcome by exercises of deep breathing. If you breathe in and count to 7 and breathe out counting to seven, you may already feel a betterment. This, however, requires that you do it for at least 15 minutes every day. While inhaling, feel the air coming into your lungs. While exhaling feel how the lungs are emptied. The exercise does not work the first day, but it will if you do it persistently. It not only will help you to get rid of dizziness, but it will show you, that there are so many other  benefits to it.

Let me know how you are going on. I might give you more pieces of information on slow and deep breathing.

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