Conquer Your Anxiety and Redeem Your Joy in Life!

You CAN Stop Anxiety From Destroying Your Peace of Mind… And It’s Easier Than You Think

Whether it’s free floating anxiety or stress related to something specific, thousands of others have found their way out of an anxiety riddled life. Again and again, I’ve heard heartbreaking stories – from people just like you and me – who have been stopped for years by the loss of control, eating disorders and just plain misery – all caused by high levels of anxiety in their lives. I’ve been there and conquered it…and so can YOU!

Schermata 2015-03-17 alle 11.37.58My name is Elisabetta Reist, and for years I suffered from the same kind of disability. I was anxiety ridden, with my life dominated by non-specific fears, anxieties at dealing with new people and unfamiliar situations and uncomfortable feelings associated with change and anything that seemed out of the ordinary. At first, it didn’t seem so bad. But it soon grew worse. The more I thought about anxiety, the more trapped I became with even more anxiety. That’s when I knew I had a real problem, and I couldn’t move forward with my life.

No Matter How Severe, The Cycle of Anxiety Can Easily Be Broken

It Was ME Who Was Keeping Myself stuck…and didn’t understand why! That’s when I began studying more about anxiety; what causes it and how could it effectively be treated. I found out there was nothing WRONG with me – that I wasn’t bad or flawed… That there were things I could actually do that would alleviate the anxiety that was keeping me from enjoying my life.

Little by little, I learned more and more about this crazy feeling – I found out that I wasn’t alone – That many other people suffered from the same situation. Pretty soon, I discovered the answers I needed to overcome this thing that had kept me stuck and afraid to move forward with my life.

That’s when I decided to write down what I was learning – to share it with others. I knew the difference it had made for me – and I was determined to make that kind of difference for other people who were suffering as I was from this terrible condition! My anxiety ebook – called Releasing Anxiety, Inviting Peace: Small Changes That Make a Difference– is an amazing amalgam of information I have learned from others and from my own experiences with healing myself.

Anxiety Book

What’s Inside the Booksegno interrogazione

 As a result of reading this book, in just 21 Days you will…

  • Root out the cause of your anxiety
  • Get clear once and for all whether your anxiety is out of control
  • Liberate your mind and allow yourself to enjoy every single day
  • Break through your feelings of hopelessness and helplessness
  • Strengthen your self-esteem
  • Turn your anxiety or insecurity into positive energy
  • Gain 6 techniques to effectively develop mental discipline
  • Naturally shift your mindset through color therapy, meditation and EFT
  • Discover and eliminate foods that intensify your anxiety
  • Learn new ways to eat and prepare a healthy, life sustaining diet
  • Implement the 4 critical steps required to turn your life around!

…and so much more!

Anxiety Online Help

This book, broken down into 6 simple-to-understand sections is LOADED with extremely valuable information, tools and tips that will take you through the 21 day program of turning your life around.

Releasing Anxiety

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You will quickly gain a clear, concise understanding of the cause of your anxiety and immediately see how you can begin eliminating it from the moment you begin reading. You will recognize right away that you are not wrong or bad – that the symptoms you experience are not strange or “weird” as some people may have led you to believe.EVERYONE experiences anxiety at some level – we all have stressors in our lives. It is in recognizing some of the issues that have caused you to take your anxiety to a higher level that you can begin to heal yourself.

Once you can begin to dissect these issues, to see them for what they are, you will be able to let go and reduce the intolerable level of your anxiety. We offer the best online anxiety help in the business. I can promise you that, if you are fed up as I was – and you are ready to turn your life around – to start having fun and STOP feeling anxious, there is FINALLY something you can do!

Bonus: Getting to Know AnxietySchermata 2015-03-17 alle 11.38.15

When you purchase this book, you’ll also receive a copy of Getting to Know Anxiety absolutely free (valued at $21).

I know times are tough right now and anxiety is rampant everywhere, I want to give you the ability to “let it go!” This book will add value and a background of understanding to the issues surrounding your anxiety. When added as a bonus to my book, Anxiety, Goodbye (Soon to be priced at $29.95), this Free Bonus will bring the total value of this package to over $50.95!

I can promise you that in 21 days, you will not recognize your life!I want you to know I am so certain of this, I am willing to promise that if you follow the steps you are given in this anxiety ebookand do all the assignments as written, you WILL shift your way of thinking and begin living the life you know you were meant to live.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Your 100% satisfaction is a promise I can safely make; knowing that if you take this on as I did, there is no doubt that you can reduce your level of anxiety, begin to create a new future and let go of whatever has stopped you in the past. I am so sure of this, that I will stand behind your purchase of this book and, if for some reason you are not 100% satisfied, after 21 days of following my guidelines, I will happily refund your investment.

Releasing Anxiety

Goodbye Anxiety

No more procrastinating – today really IS the first day of the rest of your life. Say “Goodbye, Anxiety” – Start today to change your world for the better! Yours in support, love and compassion – Elizabeth Reist

 P.S. Remember, procrastination is just another way to prolong anxiety and keep it stuck. Progress is created by moving forward, designing what you want and letting go of the past. This $8 investment can be the start of a whole new life for you. Say “Anxiety, Goodbye!” and then, begin to live that new reality.

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