What is Holding You Back?

Have you ever tried to ask yourself what is holding you back, keeping you stuck in your anxiety?
This is an interesting question. And you should ask it and answer it sincerely. Be honest with yourself.
You can ask you this question  using, for example,  EFT. “Although I still suffer from anxiety attacks, I love and accept myself
completely and  profoundly. However, even if I love and accept myself completely and profoundly, I want to know where my anxiety comes from. My subconscious mind will answer this question because I love and accept myself completely and profoundly”. Repeat the sentences in a normal EFT-round , This means 3 rounds on each point, then the gamut and finally another round. That makes up one whole cycle.
You may repeat these cycles various times over the day. If no  answer pops up, you repeat these sentences and cycles for as long as you are not clear about where your anxiety stems from. Once you  are certain of its provenience. You can do cycles with the following wording: “Although I now know where my anxiety comes from, I decide to  love and accept myself even more completely and profoundly and I thank my subconscious mind for its help”.
This is an easy way to understand yourself better. It is important to be completely honest with yourself. But there will be a fantastic reward. If you really want to get rid of your anxiety, you are able to let go. Letting go is actually what helps you most. You can let go only of things you know. That is why it is so important to “contact” your subconscious mind. It is your ally if you let it be.If you go against it, it will not help you. It is that easy.  Again, you see  the Law of Attraction  at work. Go in a positive direction and you will attract more positive things. Do the contrary and you will get more negative things. Letting go of anxiety is certainly a positive move. Anxiety is always negative. It is a fear for things that are on your mind or in your subconscious mind
If you clear your mind and your subconscious mind, you can stay free from anxiety all life long. However, getting clear is a life long process. You repeat the cleansing and clearing every day. It will become a daily habit and make you feel good about yourself and about the others. The above sentences are examples and you may adapt them to your own situation, especially once you know where your anxiety comes from and what it is you are most anxious about. If you want to get  more information about  EFT, go to www.EFTuniverse.com

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