What Color is Your Anxiety?

Have you ever thought of the dimension of your anxiety? Of its height, its depth its width? What is its shape? Is it round? Does it have three angles or even four or is it a cylinder? Is it sweet? Or bitter? Or salty? Have you ever thought of your anxiety in this way? Did you ever give it a shape? Or a color? Is it soft? Is it hard? Is it hot? Is it cold?

You probably have never thought of it in this way. You would have found that none of these descriptions apply.

Anxiety is not made of matter.It is pure energy. Energy can be transformed. It does not have to remain always the same.

Energy can’t be lost, but it can be transformed.

Try to transform the energy of your anxiety. The opposite of anxiety is serenity, is peace of mind. Give this idea a thought. And, maybe, you also give it a try.

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