What About Your Environment?

Do you think that  your environment has anything  to do with your anxiety? It certainly has. Many times you may be  asking yourself why you feel anxious and why you do it  in certain places and why  you do not in other places. In the first case  this may be a sign that the environment is not good for your well being. If you feel anxious, or have any of your “usual” anxiety symptoms, try to change something in your immediate environment.

Try to sense what should be changed. Listen to your inner voice. Do it when you are calm.  It can tell you exactly what is not working for you. Maybe you have to change the position of a  table, just to give you  an example.

Close your eyes, tell yourself the following sentence. You can do this without doing aloud, do it  just in your mind:  “I am in the universe, the universe is in my body, the universe and I are one.” Then ask the universe in which direction you should move to feel better. You will be surprised. Probably your body will move in another direction and you then know, that for that given moment, this is the right direction. You may also ask  for the right direction  in which to put  pieces of furniture.

Especially if you feel your anxiety, ask this question and you can get rid of your bad feelings almost immediately if you take action and move into the direction your are told to.

Obviously, the environment can mean all sorts of things. And you can also change all sorts of things if you listen to what your inner voice tells you. Environment means illumination, it means unpolluted or polluted air, it means sounds, it means also people. You cannot change people but you can change your way of dealing with them.

Sometimes this can have a major effect on your environment. The way you talk to people and the way these people answer and behave.

By the way, the little sentence about the universe, has a fantastic effect of calming  down. You can use it whenever you feel that you are tense, that an anxiety is on its way. Knowing that  you are in the universe and that it is within your body,  you will no longer  feel alone.


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