The MiraclesManual by Dr. Joe Vitale

Here’s something to have fun with today.


Relax. It’s free. 🙂


What are the answers to these questions —


* How do you get past fears and negativity?


* How can I turn my spouse around from being so negative?


* How do you handle difficult people?


* How do you make changes directly from the conscious into the unconscious?


* How do you get rid of a block in yourself you can’t even name?


* What is and why is Ho’oponopono so effective?


* What about when it doesn’t work?


* What do you do when all the self-help methods aren’t working?


* How do you move up a level in life to meet new people?


* What is “benestrophe”?


* How do you go from a scarcity mindset to a abundance mindset?


* What can you do to improve your health fast?


* How can you attract a specific person into your life?


* How do you attract your soul mate?


* How do you really attract money?


* How are miracles made?


Great questions, aren’t they?


Over the last few years, I gave the answers to those questions (and many more) in secret coaching sessions I held with students in my Miracles Coaching program.


All the questions, and answers, are now in volume one of a 258-page new ebook called “The Miracles Manual:

The Secret Coaching Sessions.”


It’s pretty eye-opening.


And you can have it.




That’s right.




I want to help as many people as I can, and I figure giving away this book is another way to do it.


Go here to get details — and the eBook —


(If you already have the eBook, please tell others about it.)


Expect Miracles!



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