The MeditationFest -You May Sign Up Until September 10,’12

Meditation is a wonderful means of relaxation and of going deeper into your true Self. There are many ways to experience meditation. Our friends at Learning Strategies are offering you again the possibility to  experiment various kinds of meditation. Infact,world famous  teachers will show you  how they meditate and offer  you the chance to check their methods  out. Click the link below to register for the Meditationfest that will begin on September 10. You know that you will be able to listen to one teacher and his/her meditation each and every day from 10am Central Time until 9.30 am of the next day.

This is possible in order to allow people from  around the world to join the Meditationfest and listen to the explanations and to the meditations. As you know these meditatios are offered free of charge, but you have to sign up. Do it right now at the below link

You will certainly enjoy the presentations and learn the many ways and why meditation can help you live a better life. As you will see, there are short meditations and longer ones. Even  5 minutes may be enough to help you to fully relax and regain your energy. In the tough  times  we are facing at present, relaxation becomes more and more important. Meditation is easy to learn and does not require much time.

You can do it almost everywhere. It may even  become a way of living and accompany you wherever you go. Sign up before you forget  it:

Enjoy these meditations 

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