Hello My Friends,

today I would like to talk to you about Prosperity.

Maybe you wonder why. I will just going to explain it.

First of all, Prosperity is not only linked to money. You might replace the word by wealth of friendship, of relationships, of freedom, of many other enriching values that might come to our mind. So why call it prosperity?

This word is so much used nowadays. Sometimes it is abused. Abused in the sense that it is thrown at you in all sorts of events or texts without any further explanation.  You will get the necessary explanations of its true meaning within as very short time. Many authors will come and help you out, explaining what prosperity really ist. Dr. Joe Vitale, the well-known and best-selling author  has invited about 40 authors to write a book together with him. The title of this book which will be published in the near future is: “The Prosperity Factor”. I am one of the co-authors and you will find my chapter in that book. If you would like to get a copy just write back to me. The first5 people will get the whole book. Its cost has not yet been determined but it won’t be low, due to its main author who has been a best-selling author for years now. I won’t get many of the copies so hurry up if you wish to be one of the 10  lucky people.

In any case, prosperity is something you can learn. Most people get prosperous just on a purely material level. Who wants more from life will undertake the journey and use the advice they find in the very new  book.

I am looking forward to hearing from you.

For now I send you my very best wishes.


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