How to Prevent Anxiety Attacks

Not suffering any more from anxiety attacks?Do you think this could be possible? And how? Would it not be fantastic just not to think any more about those attacks? Just to know that you can forget them! As if they had never caused you pain.

There are many ways to reduce anxiety attacks. There are also ways to prevent them. You have probably never heard say that. Do you always suffer in silence? Does nobody know about your anxiety attacks? Or, if they know, do they laugh at you?

People who have never suffered any anxiety attack cannot understand you. This is a fact. And it is not their fault. People who have never felt what you are feeling when the anxiety mounts, do not know what it is like.

You CAN prevent anxiety attacks. It is a question of self-education. It is a question of getting positive in all your thoughts. In fact, anxiety is negative. It is negative energy.

Energy as such has no value unless you attribute one to it.An anxiety attack is energy in the wrong place. It is also a blockage somewhere in your systems.

It is not necessary that you know where your anxiety sits

Together with an EFT-expert you can solve the blockages and get rid of your anxiet y.Once you are familiar with this method, you can work on your own.Most forms of anxiety are complex in their composition. It is not just one thing that causes anxiety. Underlying anxiety is very often a low self-esteem. You can work on this fact; by improving your self-esteem you may prevent other anxiety attacks. When you feel more secure about yourself, you also feel more secure about the surrounding world.The surrounding world are not only people, but also places.The world as such is not a dangerous place. If your self-esteem is better,you also feel less the sense of being a “victim”.You are yourself and you can “defend” yourself. You become stronger and therefore will get less anxiety.

It certainly is worth every moment to work on your self-esteem. It will be a great help in your prevention of anxiety attacks.

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  2. thanks for your comment. Actually, I try to categorize my posts and I think it is better to do so.

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