Find your empowering colors!

This is a different approach to solve your problems.
I have been talking about words, about thoughts, about many other topics but for a long time I haven’t talked about colors to help you in your transformation.
I am presentin here a free webinar about just that: colors and how the impact your life. They really affect every area of your life whether you believe it or not.
Sometimes, when you wear a color and don’t feel well, it might just be the color of your dress that gives you a down. Sometimes the colors affecting your are in your environment, in our home or office or it might even be the color you are wearing in your hair.
The “wrong” color can suppress your fullness of your natural expression and diminish your potential.
I am telling all this because you are invited to connect with the color pioneer Arden Reece.
Arden is a American-widely recognized personal style and color expert, writer and speaker who helps people around the world discover color palettes that reflect their true essence and beauty.

She takes this subject beyond the surface levels to the psychological and even spiritual levels.

On Wednesday, September 2, Arden will present a fascinating FREE online event: Discovering Your True Colors: Unveil Your Essence and Natural Beauty Through Your Personal Color Palette.

You can register here:

If you participate you’ll:

• Learn to connect your inner and outer expression through color so you can be seen for who you truly are
• Receive a working blueprint of your personal color palette

• Learn color techniques to improve your energy, moods and confidence
I invite you to join me in learning about the transformative power of color. It’s a fun and effective way to align your inner truth with your outer expression.

You’ll become more radiant and magnetic — and you’ll really relax into a more natural expression of who you truly are!

Register here:

PS- As you discover and apply this knowledge, you’ll experience a deeper union of your outer appearance and inner truth, as well as the creation of a naturally supportive color palette for your work, play and love. Register now and receive a downloadable replay:

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