Does being a Parent cause you Anxiety?

Does being a Parent cause you Anxiety?

How many parents are faced with all sorts of problems? I guess there are lots of them.   To be a father or a mother is not an easy task. There should be observed  some basic components for parents. So many youngsters, just playing around without any protection, become parents without even knowing what that means for their future. And even people who are grown up,, want to have a child but once it has arrived, they are clueless.
To be good parents and grow your kids, is one of the  most challenging tasks. And it is not a one time job. It is going on for years on end.The raising of small children, if the parents are prepared to take it seriously, is not the difficult part of parenting. And it should not cause anxiety  It only needs your attention. Small children are curious by nature and this is fantastic because they want to learn. Your task is just to let them explore the world and have an eye on them. If you are anxious, the child might feel your anxiety and become anxious as well. This must be avoided  in any case  Anxious children become anxiety sufferers when they grow older. Sometimes it is better to be severe with the kid, to explain why something should not be undertaken and why it could harm him/her. And then stick to your decision. It is important for children to feel the authority of their parents. Their parents are those who “know” what is good and what is bad. This holds  true at least until they become teens. At that moment, they will “know” better than their parents. This has always been the way youngsters grew up. It did not cause anxiety to their parents decades ago. Parents, at the maximum, became angry, but not anxious. Nowadays, parents seem to be more anxious because of the dangers their siblings are exposed to. Anxiety does not help the children to avoid dangers. If you talk to your children and do that in a manner they accept being taught,, they will not cause you anxiety. The fact that you speak to them as if they were grown ups,.keeps them serene. If they react with anger, try to be severe but loving. This is perhaps the most difficutl thing: to be severe but make them feel that they are loved. Most kids feel that their parents are caring and will respond accordingly.  If they do not, you stay severe but serene. This helps yourself and it helps your kids to maintain a good environment.

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