About Me

I am a Swiss female who lives in Switzerland and works with clients of all ages to release anxiety and experience the peace and joy that comes from being freed from emotional traumas. My personal journey to peace led me to achieve certification as an instructor of EFT, EmoTrance, Remap, Agegate Therapy and SpringForestQiGong. I have also studied NLP and Hypnosis as well as the Law of Attraction. I provide customized coaching to help clients release limiting beliefs and achieve their dreams. I speak English, Italian, German, French and Spanish and can be reached through Skype: elisabetta.reist1 or email ereist@reistlingue.ch

I have written an ebook: “Releasing Anxiety, Inviting Peace: small changes that can make a Difference” that contains a wealth of tips and advice and can be downloaded at www.kissanxietygoodbye.com.

In 2012 I published an E-Book dedicated to nutrition and its influence on your mood. In fact, its title is Good Food for a Good Mood.

You may download it from Amazon and other online stores.

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